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i still dream
Date Completed:June 13, 2002
Duration:about 5 minutes
Instrumentation:steel drums - double second
First Performance:Josh Quillen on April 26, 2003, Akron Ohio
Comments:for Josh Quillen A pdf of this score is available for purchase at Roger Zahab: i still dream: ossia versions for instruments with no low E m. 16, 21, 29 36: just leave out the low E and don't replace with another note mm 46-48: replace with F m. 50: replace with A (directly from m. 49) m 73, 88 & 90: replace with the low F
Program Notes:I never thought that I would write for steel drums, so specific is the music associated with them (and unlike mine). When Josh Quillen requested a solo, I took the opportunity to learn about an instrument I knew nothing about and also got to work with a musician who is everything a composer could wish for - serious, thoughtful, highly skilled, patient and imaginative.

The piece cycles some ambiguous harmony through time-spans as the piece sight-calls on ample use of many thorough rhyme-scams, as (for instance) the title.