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Middlebury, Ohio
Date Completed:December 14, 2003
Duration:about 4 minutes
First Performance:RZ, violin, November 14, 2004 at Church of Our Saviour, Akron Ohio
Comments:in memory of my uncle, George Kalial
Program Notes:Middlebury, Ohio is a memorial for both the 19th century (now disappeared) Ohio village and my my uncle George Kalial The entire piece is written for the D string of the violin except for a passage of dancing harmonics near the end which is marked "lights twinkling in the distance at night". That image is associated with the earliest memories I have - of the strange longing I felt at seeing lights in the distance (perhaps imagining the lives of "others" so illuminated) and of my uncle, who could spin a story out of the wispiest of threads. r z
Sound Excerpt: