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bedford square
Date Completed:April 14, 2004
Duration:about 1 and a half minutes
Instrumentation:clarinet, violin and 'cello
First Performance:April 20, 2004 by members of The IonSound Project: Kathleen Costello, clarinet; Kathryn Quigley, violin; and Elisa Kohanski, cello at Club Cafe, on the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA.
Comments:for Kathleen Costello
Program Notes:bedford square was written at the request of Kathleen Costello for her group to play in various venues, first at Club Cafe in Bedford Square on the South Side of Pittsburgh. When I am near Bedford Square I can almost always catch glimpses and sounds of its past hundred and more years, and it has always seemed a good location to build a compact teleportation device (which will eventually linkup to the network of my Entelechron project).
Sound Excerpt: