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Welcoming Song
Date Completed:February 22, 2015
Duration:about 2 and a half minutes
Instrumentation:string orchestra
First Performance:February 27, 2015 at the reception for Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, Connolly Ballroom, Alumni Hall at the University of Pittsburgh
Comments:for Patrick and Karen Gallagher The performance here is by The University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the composer.
Program Notes:Roger Zahab's Welcoming Song was written for the University of Pittsburgh's orchestra to play in welcoming Patrick and Karen Gallagher to the reception honoring his installation as our new Chancellor.
The musical letters in their surname are encoded into the fabric of the music:

G A L L(= a) G H(= b) E R(=d)

and a fragment of Pitt's Alma Mater joins in as well.

Along with these sounds come best wishes and congratulations to the Chancellor, his wife Karen and their family from the University's Symphony Orchestra, its Music Department, and indeed, all who sing, play or dance - or enjoy being with others who do.

Roger Zahab, February, 2015
Sound Excerpt: