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American Fields and Geometry: I
Date Completed:May 15, 1988
Duration:17 minutes
Instrumentation:first version for large orchestra: 3 (3rd flute=piccolo)23(3rd clar.=bass cl.)3 cbsn 4231
percussion 1: glockenspiel & large suspended cymbal, percussion 2: vibraphone, timpani
piano and strings

second version for chamber orchestra: flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, horn,trumpet,trombone, piano, percussion (glockenspiel, large suspended cymbal, 2 timpani) and strings
First Performance:October 7, 1992, University of Akron New Music Group/Daedalus under the direction of the composer
Comments:to Cary Schroeder
Program Notes:Composed between 21. Feb.- 15. May 1988 during a tour through in Vermont, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, the original score was completed in New York on June 27th that year. After living with and in orchestras as a conductor for two decades I felt compelled to install two sets of revisions which were completed on 30. January & 23. June, 2010.

The excerpt below is of the lean and rough premiere of the second version which I conducted with the University of Akron New Music Group/Daedalus, a sort of drawing on paper in charcoal. The revised version, by contrast, is rather cinematic...
Sound Excerpt: