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Selected Melodies
Date Completed:June 28, 1997
Duration:about 11 minutes
Instrumentation:'cello and piano
First Performance:David Russell, 'cello and Robert Frankenberry, piano on August 6, 1998 in Akron, Ohio.
Comments:written for, dedicated to and commissioned by Tamar Diesendruck
Program Notes:Selected Melodies was commissioned by, written for, and dedicated to composer Tamar Diesendruck, who requested something with which to get back into playing the cello. As usual with me, once I got started with the actual composing, the music got a little more involved than I had initially planned. The work is divided into two "groups" of melodies and includes part of a song from my opera "Hegemony" in which a character sings about a drug-induced trip she once took. This hallucinatory aspect casts a long shadow over the entire work. David Russell gave the first performance on August 6, 1998 in Akron, Ohio.
Sound Excerpt: