at the piano Roger\'s album of piano music performed by Robert Frankenberry
is now available at Bandcamp,( CDBaby, Spotify, and outlets worldwide

Roger Zahab -at the piano
Robert Frankenberry, pianist

1 Variable Toye (2014) for Eric Moe 3:01

2 at the piano (2012) 18:54
in recollection of Thomas F Hutchins
and these admired friends:
f i r s t l e v i t a t i o n for Daniel Spiegel
stompin' grounds of the superheroes for Barbara Weissberger and Eric Moe
s e c o n d l e v i t a t i o n for Rob Frankenberry
f a n t a s i a for Marcia Eckert
t i m e s c r e e n for Thomas Lanners
t h i r d l e v i t a t i o n for Benjamin Binder

3 matt's 24 sevens (2010) for Matt Zurenski 1:01

4 Coelle (2008) to Constanze Klein and Carla Spannbauer 6:15

5 Telechron Chime (2001) for Richard and Mary King 2:08
with Roger lending a hand

6 harboring (2000) for Rob Frankenberry 4:19

7 An Armory of the Heart (1999) for Aaron Pillar 1:56

8 Reflection (1999) for Eric Helmuth 2:34

9 starting now (1999) for Rob Frankenberry 3:10

10 Silence Orchids (1988) 10:27
for Marcia Eckert, Bennett Lerner, and Chris Vassiliades
I. Hawaiian Silence II. The Language of Orchids

11 Greeting (1986) for Gary Canier 1:04

12 Semaphore (1985) for Benton Hess 1:11

13 Open Sky (1983) for Seth Tomasini 1:05

14 Again (1982) for Joseph Fields 2:55

15 that afternoon still ringing (2000) for Rose Marie Elias 5:07

Recorded on August 10, 2017 & November 11, 2018, mixed, and mastered by Reed Robins at MacIntyre Music, NYC
posted - 2023-04-26

Collected Songs are now available!
Roger Zahab - Collected Songs for voice and piano
are now available at New Music Shelf! There are a lot of lyrical ... this volume (1980-2016 yikes!) Thanks to Dennis Tobenski for such a beautiful production!
posted - 2022-06-17

wild woods - new flute concerto for Lindsey Goodman
March 17th 2024 will bring the premiere of my new concerto for extraordinary flautist Lindsey Goodman in collaboration with the Ashland University Band and its conductor Joseph Lewis.
posted - 2022-04-17

smoldering kiss, barcarolla Teo, and aria Ada in Brooklyn and everywhere
the duos are introduced around the 9:20 mark:
posted - 2021-03-24

...some measures for living
performed by George Pope, flute and Eric Charnofsky, piano has been release on their disc Some Measures for Living on Crystal Records. Other composers featured on the disc include Nikola Ressanovic, Carl Riley, Ron Newman, Nancy Daley, Eric Charnofsky and Joseph Makholm.
posted - 2019-05-02

Roger Zahab: tapping points for snare drum
Roger\'s solo for snare drum has been published as part of The Noble Snare collection of compositions for unaccompanied snare drum, volume 4. Other composers include Eugene Novotney, Ralph Shapey, Christopher Burns, Gustavo Aguilar, Salvatore Martirano, John Welsh, Robert Ashley, William Ortiz and Pauline Oliveros.
Smith Publications, 54 Lent Road, Sharon, Vermont 05065
posted - 2014-04-11

entelechron: time + memory is now available
posted - 2012-05-17