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Date Completed:December 30, 2007
Duration:about 24 minutes
Instrumentation:solo violin and orchestra ( four orchestrational options )
2222 2210 2 percussionists (glockenspiel, vibraphone, bongos, conga) piano, strings
First Performance:September 30, 2009, by the composer, solo violin and the University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Walter Morales in Bellefield Hall Auditorium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Comments:Excerpts from the first performance: here below includes the end of VI. transforming current and VII. dream harbor; the excerpt on the performances page includes all of I. the teleport at the old Weber farm at night, overlooking the Cuyahoga Valley and the beginning of II. the information tablets of lower manhattan .
Program Notes:vioentelechron (written between June 1st and December 30th, 2007) is a time and space teleportation device in seven transmissions on stabilized channels. It is part of the Ohio entelechron network which provides "continuous service in all dimensions". The instrumentation is flexible - ranging from the smallest group of solo violin, piano, two percussionists and string orchestra (known as option 1) though a full compliment including winds and brass (option 3) with mixing and matching possible depending on local conditions (option 4). Each part superimposes a number of strands for our present experience. Paul Wise in the teleport at the old Weber farm at night, overlooking the Cuyahoga Valley helps us establish a global perspective on harmony, which coexists in two or three time-zones simultaneously. the information tablets of lower manhattan recalls not only the sparkling energy of NYC before its emotional landscape was altered, but also my introduction of Dr. Kizina to the City of Dreams. Gluck's Melody from Orfeo, (Jamie's favorite diversion after rugby) is dismembered and reconfigured as another person entirely in afterimage dissolved. Wyatt True parties with Charles Ives, Apollonia & Brad DeGraw, and Alasdair Cox on midsummer eve at Toad Hall somewhere between Peninsula, Ohio and Lossiemouth, Scotland. In sending audiograph to one of my dearest (and oldest) friends, Carla Spannbauer, there is an attempt to sort out the "riddle of flaking memory." A resetting of an old videograph from Ohio entelechron, in that song a woman is singing to a video projection: "words on your sweet lips are blurred with static, that voice a voice i'll never hear again/and what could i have said that made you turn with such a desperate look?" That transforming current which is Time carries all sense and memory with it, including many wonderful adventures with Tison Street as well as my first instrument, the conga drum played like a derrabucca, here evoked by bongos and conga (or derrabucca or djembe as available). At the end all is finally gathered and folded into my dream harbor, which is kept safe and secure by Rob's piano. RZ
Sound Excerpt:
PDF Score Excerpt: Zahab_vioentelechron_I,II.pdf (531 kb)