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Collected Songs for voice and piano

52 songs for voice and piano (or voice alone) 237 pages.


Sands at Seventy  - Five Whitman Songs (1980)
            As I Sit Writing Here                                         
Stronger Lessons                                                                                             
            Queries to My Seventieth Year                                                              
River Song        (Zahab) (1981)                        
Absence           (Zahab) (1981)                        
Welcome          (Zahab) (1983)                        
Lines written on the water          (Zahab) (1983)                        
Meditation on a statue   (Zahab) (1983)            
A Glimpse         (Walt Whitman) (1986)
What think you I take my pen in hand to record? (1986)                          
                                                (Walt Whitman)
On the beach at night    (Walt Whitman) (1986)                        
Three Songs from Postmodern Cantata (Zahab) (1986)
            opening song                                                                                                   
            Automatic Love Song                                                                                       
            The Watcher                                                                                                    
Seven Songs from Hegemony (1983-2007) (Thomas Piechowski)
            Young Man’s Reverie                                                                                       
            First Lecture on Nostalgia                                                                                                          Second Lecture on Nostalgia                                                                            
            Geological Heart                                                                                              
            Restless soul, handsome man                                                              
            Quit some of the sadness                                                                                 
Christmas Oratorio for Richard Englehart            (Zahab) (1988)                        
Sung Water Mass         (Zahab) (1989)                        
Autumn Songs (Walt Whitman)  (1997)                        
            When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer                                       
            The Runner                                                                                                     
            A Child’s Amaze                                                                                               
            Hast Never Come to Thee an Hour                                                                   
Another Fall                 (Zahab) (1998)                        
O You Whom I Often and Silently Come (Walt Whitman) (1999)                         
Friendship        (from Vigil) (Zahab) (2002)                                
defender of joy  (Zahab) (2005)                        
Six Songs from Ohio Entelechron  (Zahab) (2006)                                  
            ’twas a slate-dark and dank night                                                                      
            Lullabye (oh, how miss is the maggies!)                                                 
            and so the skirling marches on…                                                                      
            a pale messenger boy                                                                          
            an old videograph                                                                                             
            falling lines                                                                                                       
Evening Out                                          (Zahab) (2008)                         
            under the influence of moonlight                                                            
            Evening circle with Nude                                                                                   
            abroad in nighttown                                                                                          
            the heart of life                                                                                     
Two songs from Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens/Zahab) (2012)
            Long ago, in London Town                                                                                
            The winds aloft and the sea below                                                                     
Mini-fridge aria  from Penthouse Suite (Robert Handel)    (2013)                         
In Light                         (Kevin M. Kerner) (2013)                                  
Happy Hour Karaoke Song   (Zahab) (2014)                  
I have a Rendezvous with Death (Alan Seeger) (2016)                           
River    (Zahab) (2016)