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Composer Title
Francis Poulenc


Sergei Prokofiev

Sonata for solo violin, op.115

Sonata for two violins, op. 56

Sonata in f minor, op. 80

Phillip Ramey


Maurice Ravel

Berceuse on the name of Faure

Piano trio

Sonata for violin and 'cello

Sonata for violin and piano

String Quartet in F


Frederick Rawski

Three Icaros - for solo violin and delay pedal premiere VCFA Electronic Music Showcase February 11, 2019

S. Alexander Reed

Venus in Reverse - premiere

Burkhardt Reiter

"whispering like music down the vibrant string" - premiere

A Retelling of "Nasori No Kyu" (2001)

the twelfth of november

Nikola Resanovic

Four Points of View - (1990) premiered by RZ

Wallingford Riegger

Sonatina, op. 39 - (1947)

Dennis Riley

Bagatelles - written for and dedicated to RZ Roger's 1993 recording

Lyrical Interludes - written for, dedicated to Roger Zahab

Sonata for violin and piano - written for and dedicated to Roger Zahab Roger and Rob Frankenberry's 1998 recording

Winter Music - (1981)

Reed Robins

Elegy for a Tanguero - Dedicated to Octavio Brunetti (May 12th,1975 - August 29th 2014)

Ned Rorem

Autumn Music

Night Music

Sonata for violin and piano - (1948/49)

Spring Music (for piano trio)

Mathew Rosenblum

Cascades - (1977)

RedDust Motes - arranged by Roger Zahab

Two Harmonies - I. Gymnopedie for Art Jarvinen II. Fantasy for Roberta Liss

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