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David Mahler

General Forbes - a fiddle rag

Maxfield's Reel (1983)

Gustav Mahler

Piano Quartet - (1876)

Ursula Mamlok

Aphorisms I - (2009)

Bagatelles - (1988) premiere

Designs - (1962)

From My Garden

Panta Rhei

Sonata for Violin and Piano


Wild Flowers (premiere)

James Marron

Three Pillows

Jorge Martin

Caprichito (Cuban Suite no. 3) - (2014) for piano trio, commissioned by the Phoenix Concerts, premiered and recorded by entelechron

David Gerard Matthews

i meet you. i remember you. - written for and premiered by RZ

Peter Maxwell Davies

Lullaby (1991) for violin and cello

Mrs. Linklater's Tune

Sonatina for violin alone (2015)

Olivier Messiaen

Theme and Variations

Darius Milhaud

Music for Boston - (1965)

Sonata for two violins and piano

Suite for clarinet, violin, and piano

Jerome P. Miskell

Pieces of Roger - written for and premiered by RZ

James Mobberley

Soggiorno - (1989)

Eric Moe

And Life Like Froth Doth Throb

Blue Air - written for and dedicated to Roger Zahab, premiered by RZ with the composer, piano recording with Eric Moe

Flex Time

Obey Your Thirst

Preamble & Dreamsong from the 4 - 5 a.m. REM Stage - (viola and piano)

Strange Exclaiming Music

Tendre Noix au Torchon - (2011)

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