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Ned Rorem

Spring Music (for piano trio)

Mathew Rosenblum

Cascades - (1977)

RedDust Motes - arranged by Roger Zahab

Two Harmonies - I. Gymnopedie for Art Jarvinen II. Fantasy for Roberta Liss

Glen Roven

The Red Rose Piano Trio, op. 40 - commissioned by the Phoenix Concerts, premiered and recorded by entelechron

Carl Ruggles


C. Bryan Rulon

Eliade Aeterna - commissioned by, written for and dedicated to RZ

Kaija Saariaho

Nocturne for solo violin

Erik Satie

Choses vues a droite et a gauche (sans lunettes)

Thomas Scheurich

String Quartet #3a

Peter Schickele

Little Suite for Autumn (1979)

Arnold Schoenberg

Phantasy, op. 47

Franz Schubert

Sonatas, op.137 and 162

Erwin Schulhoff

Sonata for violin and piano (1927)

Gunther Schuller

Duologue for Violin and Piano - (1982-83)

Robert Schumann

Sonata in a minor, op. 105

Clara Schumann

Three Romances, op. 22

Daria Semegen

Music for Violin Solo - (1973)

Roger Sessions

Sonata for Violin

Bright Sheng

The Stream Flows

Alan Shockley

Chapman's Homer - (2005) written for RZ

stn [adversary] - (2009)

Dmitri Shostakovich

Piano Trio no. 1, op. 8 (1923)

Piano Trio no.2 in e minor, op. 67 (1944)

Sonata for Violin and Piano, op. 134

Jean Sibelius

Sonatine in E, op. 80

Nikos Skalkottas

Duo for violin and cello

Nocturne - (1936)

Sonata for Solo Violin

Linda Catlin Smith

With Their Shadows Long

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